Unexpected change

I’ve never been the one to like change, but I’ve always thought change was good when it needed to happen. This past year has been nothing but change for myself. I’ve graduated high school and I’m about to go off to college. Throughout the year I’ve experienced things I’ve never thought I would experience, I got two new jobs and left my old one, I’ve met amazing people and I’ve made new friends. Within the past couple of months, some not so positive change has happened. Ive lost two people who I thought I would have in my life for a life time, things change, people change, and the times have changed. To some people, the phrase “best friend” means nothing when it’s used, and then sometimes people just allow others to dictate their life. Throughout all of this not so positive change that’s been happening, it’s been replaced with the best change that I’ve experienced in a while. One of the new jobs that I’ve started, is being a life guard at ocean breeze. While working here, I’ve met some of the greatest people that I have in my life. Who knew that going to see a movie on a rainy day with people you barely know would turn into something so much more? Now, these people are my friends, some I can trust with anything, some I can have the best time with. It’s so funny how even throughout all the negative that happens in your life, something happens that counteracts that negativity in your life. If some of these people knew how much they’ve impacted my life in just the few short weeks I’ve know them, I know for a fact it would make their heart smile. They make my heart smile and happy again. Sometimes friends leave your life so others can come into your heart and make you feel whole when others were failing to do that. Giving up on someone is something I will never do && I hope that these people do the same. This change, is the change that everyone needs. Positive, uplifting, encouraging change. This is the good change.


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