Advice to an upcoming freshman from a freshman

Everyone that is in college, remembers their senior year in high school whether it is the whole year or just bits and pieces at some point it is there. It is no mystery though, that a college freshman would remember it the most. Now being  a freshman in college, I really wish I had someone other than my parents to tell me things I didn’t want to hear. Of course, its college you are not going to want to listen to what your parents have to say college is going to be your first little bit of freedom and you don’t want anyone to ruin it. Here are just a few things I wish I would have done, listened to other people about, or have experienced myself throughout my freshman year. I hope this helps you.

1. Get to know your roommate before you move in.

If I would have actually got to know my other roommate aside from my best friend, I probably would enjoy college 90% more than I actually do. Having a roommate that you don’t particularly like is not the best thing in the world, and it causes awkward tension in the room at all points of the day. If you decide to do a random roommate, that’s great but get to know them before move in day, it will save a lot of problems.

2. Do not live with your best friend.

As much fun as this seems, I promise you, it’s not. It may be different from other people but from my experience, living with my best friend has done nothing but push us further away from each other. It seems like such a great idea in the beginning but once you start to live with someone, you see who they truly are and it brings out faults on both sides. One morning you’ll wake up and y’all are best friends and the next day your best friend is someone else’s best friend and y’all are just two people who live together. Don’t ruin your friendship over something like this, it’s not worth it.

3. It is okay to venture out of your comfort zone.

I wish I was more like how I am now in the beginning of the year. In the beginning of the year, I really didn’t go out and do things. I stuck around the same couple of people and just did my own thing. Now I’m ready to go out and conquer the world. Go out, get involved, go have fun! There is nothing more that I could stress then going out and having fun, just be careful with it. Going out doesn’t always have to be going to a party, you can go watch a movie on a Friday night, or go hang out with friends in a mutual friends room or just stay in and watch Netflix all night. Just venture out and meet new people, you won’t regret it.

4. Start a group chat with people in your building, hall, or even your graduating class.

There is nothing more that I regret then not being a part of the group chat my hall made before we started school. I was blind sided when we moved in because everyone knew each other, and my room was the only room not in the group chat. This goes back to the venturing out, scroll on social media to find people of your graduating class. Look up hashtags on social media, Facebook groups, etc. You will not be looked at different because you met some of your greatest friends on social media, I promise. Get to know the people you’re going to be living with for the next year and possibly the next two years if you decide to live with someone again the year after.

5. If you are having problems with someone, let them know.

There is nothing more I could stress about other than the fact that life is so short. Granite, there are thousands of other people on campus to worry about one single person but it is college! Enjoy it without the drama, without having problems with people, etc. You will see that college is a whole new realm, and it’s worth it! You’re going to encounter the same people multiple times throughout the year, so just make sure every encounter is like your last one and that you don’t feel like you needed to say something after the encounter.

6. Shoot your shot!

I know it sounds so cliché, but shoot your shot. If you want something, GET IT. Go after what you want, whether it’s another guy/girl, a goal, a career, etc. go after it and get it. Don’t live your life wondering “what if?” Live your life saying, “I’m glad I took my chance.” I was just told not to long ago, “always shoot your shot shawty,” and it made me realize that you should ALWAYS shoot your shot. The worst thing that could happen is someone says no or you don’t exactly get where you’re going but that can only make you stronger.

7. Don’t be a “Debbie Downer.”

This sounds so childish, but don’t be one of those people. You are going to encounter some wild people, some people who are just too much for you but don’t bring them down just because you can’t handle it. Let them be themselves and express who they are. Like I’ve said before, it is college, enjoy it to the best of your ability.

8. Get involved!

Whether it means getting a job on or off campus, joining a club, going greek, do something to occupy your time. There is nothing wrong with taking a few days to yourself and trying to be prepared for the upcoming week but don’t sit in your room and do nothing all day. Go out, have lunch with a friend, go volunteer somewhere, go do homework in the library instead of your room. Just get out of your room and be seen around campus.  Just DO NOT get involved with the wrong people.

9. Be prepared.

I’m sure your parents tell you, your teachers in high school tell you and everyone else in between but be prepared. There is nothing better than being prepared for class when everyone else around you isn’t. Make a planner, set important dates, know when you have a quiz or a test and be ready for it. It will only make your freshman year a little more enjoyable and a little less stressful.

10. Know your limits and don’t get too ahead of yourself.

You can interpret this in many ways, but it is pretty self-explanatory. Know your limits in your life. Know how far to take some situations and how to handle them. Know who you’re getting involved with. Do not let people dictate you or your life either. Do not let people get the best of you and take advantage of you. You’re in college now, it’s time to grow up and make decisions for yourself.


I know these things are probably things you’ve heard before, but take it from someone who’s a freshman in college.


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